October 23, 2008

rose vs. entropy

The second law of thermodynamics in action

rose vs. entropy

October 16, 2008

the skipper's been drinkin'

This is hilarious parody--I used to watch Bob Ross growing up and thought he was so awesome.

October 14, 2008


Pencil drawing. I actually started this a long time ago and just got around to finally finishing it.

the seas are rising and unfortunately some people don't give a damn

October 7, 2008

sesoko island

sesoko island
It's pretty damn cold outside and I'm missing my beaches

October 5, 2008

back in the day...

I was listening to one of my "cd-mixtapes" I made when I was younger and heard this!!! Brings back memories where my only problem was homework. Now it's bills, bills, bills and having no heat at my place. I love this video though!